Sianvar Release Brief Teaser For Upcoming Debut EP


There has been a lot of supergroup chatter this year but for fans of post-hardcore, Sianvar is a stellar synthesis of talents containing members of elite genre acts (and good friends) Dance Gavin Dance, Stolas, A Lot Like Birds, and Hail The Sun. While all four bands certainly have similar styles, they all bring their own unique blend of groovy goods to the post-hardcore ranks. DGD, Stolas, and ALLB all released absolutely killer albums this year and Hail The Sun are currently working on their follow-up to their phenomenal Elephantitis EP from last year.

In the midst of album releases, extensive touring, and music video shoots, some members from each band have been working together to create an EP under the Sianvar moniker and today we get our first taste of what that’ll sound like. As the clip is a mere 16 seconds and the quality is (presumed intentionally) horrible, it’s not the easiest to tell but Donovan Melero’s undeniable vocals and the intricate shredding from Sergio Medina and Will Swan are unmistakable. To sum it up, it sounds exactly as you would hope it would coming from the best bands in their respective genre with obvious influences from acts such as The Sound Of Animals Fighting, The Mars Volta, At The Drive-In, and The Fall Of Troy.

The debut EP from Sianvar will be out on January 5, 2014 via Will Swan’s Blue Swan Records. Listen to the teaser after the jump.

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