Astro Safari USA Cover Eminem, Release “Rap God” Music Video


We have been singing the praises of Astro Safari USA for months. From quirky pop rock anthems about living the average life, to colorful videos bursting with originality there seems to be nothing the two can’t do. Now they’ve set their sights on covering a living rap icon, and the results are something you need to see (and hear) to believe.

Eminem is currently celebrating the release of his new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. One of the deep cuts, “Rap God,” found its way online ahead of release and quickly became one of Em’s most discussed tracks in recent memory. The lyricism and flow displayed on the track would be a challenge for anyone to duplicate, but Astro Safari USA have stepped up and delivered a rock-tinged cover that we think does a fine job of paying tribute to Slim Shady. You can stream the cover, which was released with a humor video, at the end of this post.

We know not everyone can attend the two UTG screenings for Filmage next week, but if you have tickets we highly encourage you showing up early to see Astro Safari USA’s short film. It’s Spinal Tap meet S Club 7 with a twist of Adult Swim humor that will leave you in stitches.

Can’t make it to Filmage, but still want more Astro Safari USA in your life? Head over to Facebook and discover the group’s brilliant original songs.

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