Here’s Your First Look At Lana Del Rey’s Upcoming Short Film ‘Tropico’

lana del rey 2013

Oh, Lana. When will you give up the theatrics and get back to making melancholy pop songs?

After spending the last few months keeping things tightly under wraps, Lana Del Rey has shared a thirteen second teaser for her upcoming short film. Titled Tropico, the effort has be discussed for months without much, if any plot information being revealed. There is no release date for the project at the point, but you can view the footage at the end of this post.

You never know what to expect from Lana Del Rey, and so far the footage for Tropico has left us feeling more than a bit confused. Why so many lens flares? Why the John Wayne lookalike? WHO IS JOHN AND WHY ARE WE ASKING FOR FORGIVENESS? There won’t be any answers until the film is released, I’m sure, but Lana has certainly done a fine job of getting our attention. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the clip.

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  • Me

    “When will you give up the theatrics and get back to making melancholy pop songs?”

    This makes no sense, her songs always had a cinematic feel.

  • Emma Lewis

    Del Rey is the daughter of entrepreneur, Rob Grant, who bankrolled her first independent studio album