UTG PREMIERE: Makeshift Shelters – “The Cautious End of Things”

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Today at Under the Gun Review we are really excited to share with you the debut track from DC’s newest indie rock outfit, Makeshift Shelters. The title track off their debut record, The Cautious End of Things, is a story about dealing with the fallout of a relationship gone sour, and the mental toll it can take.

Makeshift Shelters is brand new to the indie scene, but feels more put together and advanced then just some random group of kids playing in their garage. “The Cautious End of Things,” as well as the rest of the EP, is extremely cathartic, but somehow still manages to feel very controlled and focused for a band releasing their first record this month.  Simply put, Makeshift Shelters is going to be the next “thing” in the indie-rock scene. Get on this train before it leaves, because once it does, all your friends are going to be super judgmental that you haven’t heard of Makeshift Shelters before they’re playing with all of your favorite bands.

Makeshift Shelters will be releasing their debut EP, The Cautious End of Things, on November 26 via Broken World Media (The World Is…, Old Gray, Dads). In addition to this release, the band is also playing shows in the DC/Virginia area, working on East Coast weekend tours, and possibly a tour into Iceland. Why Iceland? Because why not?

Without further ado, click through the break to check out the debut track from Makeshift Shelters, “The Cautious End of Things,” and make sure you check them out on Facebook. We’ll be keeping an eye on this band as they develop in the coming months, so make sure you check back in with us at UTG!

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