A Day To Remember Paid John Janick (Fueled By Ramen) $450,000 As Alleged Manager


A Day To Remember have been in many of our headlines over this last year. A lot of it has stemmed from their legal woes with their label, Victory Records. We learned not that long ago that the band would be able to release their album, Common Courtesy, but there hasn’t been a decision made as to whether or not the band fulfilled their contractual obligations with the label.

Our friends over at Property Of Zack obtained some documents with additional details of the trial that had yet been brought to light. Apparently, from 2009-2012 the band paid John Janick, who’s the founder of Fueled By Ramen, $450,000 to be their “hidden” manager. Victory Records is claiming that he was in fact, not their manager, and that he was just their consultant. You can download and read the entire memorandum by heading right here.

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