Chief Keef Sentenced To 90 Days In Drug Rehab

Chief Keef

I guess Chief Keef really does hate being sober.

According to a new article on DNAinfo, Chicago native Chief Keef has been ordered into a 90-day residential drug treatment program. This news follows reports last month of Keef spending 20 days in a Chicago jail violating his parole by failing not one, but two separate drug tests. Keef, who is only 18, was back in court on Wednesday afternoon, where a judge ordered him into the treatment program at the West Side-based Haymarket Center.

Fans of Keef likely knew this news was coming if they have been paying any attention to Keef’s social media feeds in recent days. During the court’s proceedings, Keef used social media to update his followers on the progress of his day. At 3:10 pm local time (CT), he tweeted, “In court Finna go to Jail Judge Wants to send me Back” before posting a screenshot of his phone on Instagram which reads, “Judge Putting me Back in jail See y’all later,” accompanied by a sad face and waving hand emojis.

For as much trouble as he’s encountered in 2013, Chief Keef has rarely gone more than a week or two without releasing new music for fans to enjoy. He’s already released two mixtapes this year, and there are rumors he will drop another before 2014 arrives. His most recent single, “That’s It,” can be heard below.

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