Tim Lambesis Due In Court November 13


It has been a while since we caught up with the tale of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis‘ arrest for plotting to have his wife murdered, and in that time few new developments have arisen. Tim was due in court in late October, but a problem with scheduling lead to yet another delay. Lambgoat has learned another court date for an “arraignment on information” hearing has been set for November 13. Here’s how Vista criminal defense attorney Vincent Ross explains this type of arraingment:

“After the preliminary examination, if the case is bound over for trial, the complaint (the document setting forth the charges against you) is deemed an ‘information’. The complaint has now been supported by some evidence. [The defendent] will be arraigned again on the ‘information’. [The defendent] will enter a plea of not guilty to the charges and allegations. The prosecutor may amend the information to conform to facts proved at the preliminary examination by the probable cause standard.”

It’s likely Lambesis will enter a ‘not guilty’ plea on Wednesday, but there is always a small chance some sort of plea deal may be worked out ahead of time. We’ll continue to follow the story and bring you additional updates and when new information becomes available.

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