Bayside Announces Sixth Album; Streams New Song


It’s been almost a cool 3 years since Bayside last released a full length record. A cover EP and a solo EP from the frontman have graced our iDevices in that time, but after the excellently consistent Killing Time, most fans of the consistently excellent Bayside have wanted more.

Those fans most devoted to the cause, perhaps, are those who still refer to the band’s fandom as the “Cult.” A term seemingly long forgotten by Bayside. Once gracing every t-shirt, hoodie, and sticker, “Cult” was apparently dropped from the band’s lexicon for some time, reappearing just this year.

In February, Cult will arrive. The sixth entry into the Bayside studio discography, the album will be released February 18, 2014 on Hopeless Records.

You can hear the first single from the album, “Pigsty” below.

bayside tracklist

Pre-order Cult on iTunes or physically.

Jacob Tender

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