Mariah Carey Streams “The Art Of Letting Go”


Amidst the avalanche of club-ready singles and remixes from Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus this fall it never dawned on us that Mariah Carey was nowhere to be found amidst the fall music push. That changed this morning when “The Art Of Letting Go” found its way into our lives, and now we’re sorry we ever forgot about her.

Tackling the tough subject of moving on from someone you once felt so connected to, “The Art Of Letting Go” finds Carey lending her signature voice to the topic of heartache. She knows she’s better off living a life without this person, but she’s still getting a grip on her new life as a single woman. She’s mad, hurt, confused, and a million micro-emotions in between all at once, and on “The Art Of Letting Go” Mariah channels that emotional turmoil into an uplifting power-ballad. You can stream the single below.

We have known for months that Mariah is working on a new album, but we still have almost no information about when that project will see the light of day. “The Art Of Letting Go” is a strong promotional effort, so we hope the rest of the record will be just as great. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on Mariah’s return.

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