One of London’s hottest new exports is the addictive pop stylings of Laura Bettinson who goes by the pseudonym FEMME. Bettinson easily grabbed our attention with the release of her debut double a-side featuring tracks “Educated” and “Double Trouble,” both of which received visual treatments that only propelled our love for her inceptive works. Now she’s following up with a subsequent double a-side containing two more infectious tracks, “Fever Boy” and “Heartbeat,” again creating videos to accompany both songs and give us more media to have on indefinite repeat.

With each offering that FEMME releases, we fall in love with her approach. An almost ’90s vibe emanates from the grungy textures and big crunchy beats, but it’s Bettinson’s cool, almost effortless, and ultimately beautiful vocals (and vocal layer effects) that really make each track something special. The catchy hooks and choruses are undeniable and wrap each cut up with a danceable, feel-good mood that you simply cannot ignore.

FEMME’s videos (which we read she edits herself) perfectly accentuate each track with a similar ’90s atmosphere, and while each may utilize similar techniques and vibrant filters, they all have distinctive personalities to reflect their respective tracks that they represent. Bettinson’s natural beauty in the forefront certainly doesn’t take away from the videos’ merit either. Frankly, she has all the character and necessary qualities of a burgeoning pop star and we see no reason why she won’t reach warranted levels of superstardom as word of mouth aides in the growth of her fanbase. Take advantage of the opportunity to get ahead of the curve and check out FEMME’s stellar foundation after the jump.


Brian Leak

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