From First To Last Reuniting, Launch $25,000 Kickstarter For New EP


You read the headline right! From First To Last have been teasing fans for the last few weeks about some big news, we’ve all been speculating, but I don’t think anyone would have guessed that the group would be getting back together to record new music.

That’s exactly what is happening though. The group has officially announced that after their four long years on hiatus, they will be getting back together and releasing a new EP. To release that new EP, they have launched a $25,000 Kickstarter. I might add that this was just launched today, and the group is already at over 10% of their goal. Matt Good also wrote an entire history of the band from a first-hand perspective on the Kickstarter page which is a very interesting read for any fan.

Check out the announcement video by Matt Good below, and check in again soon for more updates from the group.

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