Lady Gaga Confirms She’ll Perform In Space


She’s worn a dress made of meat, snuggled with a block of ice and rocked an egg on the red carpet. So it’s not surprising that Lady Gaga’s planning on performing in space. The “Applause” singer confirmed she will be the first recording artist to do so in 2015.

Gaga was really adamant about not having to buy a ticket to space when she gave her artRave presentation at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City.

“I did not buy a ticket. No my ticket was given to me. I was asked specifically to sing. So I’m going to be the first recording artist to sing in space. And I did not purchase my flight. This is a special festival event held by Zero G Colony and I will be flying to space two months after the first commercial flights take off.”

When we look back on mankind’s relationship with space we’ll have the moon landing, numerous discoveries and this. Some people think Gaga shouldn’t be the first, and then there are others who know she’s perfect for the job because if there are aliens – she’ll fit right in. One thing’s for sure, Michael Jackson is somewhere fuming that he didn’t get to have this accolade.

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