Mystique On Her “Own Mission” In ‘Days of Future Past’

X-Men "Days of Future Past" poster -- exclusive image

The new X-Men film, Days of Future Past is going to be amazing, I hope. It has been a slow crawl from First Class until now, but we are almost (almost might be a stretch) there. At least we have a trailer, right?

But, there is more to be excited about. Jennifer Lawrence, who played Mystique in the first film, and who is returning for the sequel, has shed a little light on where we find Mystique in Days of Future Past. Lawrence says that Mystique has “split off from Erik and Charles…trying to assassinate somebody, and it will be her first kill.” Wait, what? Split off from Magneto? Didn’t she leave Charles at the end of First Class, and go away with Erik? It seems that within the ten year time lapse between films, Mystique has made some moves. It kind of makes sense though, sort of. If we look at where Mystique was in the first three X-Men films, it is obvious she has changed a lot from her younger, “Mutant and proud,” self. This must be the beginning of that change from the sweet, innocent Raven.

The thing that interests me the most, is that she is even acting against, or away, from Magneto. In the recent trailer that was released, we get a really cool shot of Magneto seemingly pulling Mystique towards him in front of an anxious crowd. But, why? And even how! Okay, so Magneto can control magnetism and magnetic fields, but in the movies it sometimes gets diluted to throwing metal around. In X-2 we get a really awesome look into Magneto ripping iron from a security guard, due to heavy amounts of iron in his blood. Is Mystique exhibiting signs of hemochromatosis? I doubt it, but I surely want to find out sooner rather than later. In the comics, there have been some instances where Magneto alters chemical bonds due to their electromagnetic properties, though this is very strenuous for him. How sweet would that be though? Really sweet.

In the meantime, let us watch the trailer again! “Please, we need you to hope again.”

Drew Caruso

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