Run The Jewels Bring In Big Boi For “Banana Clipper” Video

El-P and Killer Mike Run the Jewels

Just a few weeks ago, we brought you Killer Mike and El-P’s video for “Get It,” but it didn’t take long for the Run The Jewels duo to drop more visuals for us to enjoy.

Likely inspired by one or all of the films from the Fast and the Furious franchise, Run The Jewels have recruited OutKast’s Big Boi, originally featured on the track, to partake in their video where they rap in a Georgia parking lot swarmed by nice cars spinning their tires. It’s about as simple as it gets but the production value is top-notch and it gives us another reason to listen to one of the best rap cuts of the year off of a contender for best rap AOTY. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — with all the hype and hoopla surrounding Kanye, Gambino, Drake and the ilk, many have overlooked Run The Jewels, and you’ll regret it when you realize what you’ve been missing.

Watch the video for “Banana Clipper” after the break via Complex and pre-order the deluxe European version of Run The Jewels from Big Dada.

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