Andy Kaufman’s Alleged Daughter Revealed To Be NYC Actress


Sometimes the best things in life really are too good to be true.

Just hours after the world began losing their minds over the news iconic comedian Andy Kaufman may still be alive, the fine folks at The Smoking Gun have poked a few holes in the story of the woman who claims to be his daughter.

According to the popular myth debunking website, the woman who appeared on stage at Gotham City Comedy Club on Monday night was not Andy Kaufman’s daughter. Her real name is Alexandra Tatarsky, and she is the 24-year-old daughter of a NYC physician named Andrew Tatarsky who specializes in substance abuse treatment. She was allegedly hired by Michael Kaufman, Andy’s brother, following a chance meeting at an exhibition showcasing some of Andy’s work earlier this year.

A quick Google search of ‘Alexandra Tatarsky’ reveals a Facebook page featuring a woman who does look an awful lot like the lady who appeared on stage Monday night, but at this time neither Tatarsky or Michael Kaufman have spoken to the press.

So, what does this mean for rumors of Andy Kaufman’s continued existence? To be honest, I’m not sure. While this reveal certainly puts a lot of doubt into Michael’s story about receiving a letter from Andy in 1999, there is a part of me that truly hopes Kaufman has been able remain alive and under the radar for the last 30 years. We’ll bring you more details on this strange story as soon as they become available.

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