Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones Stream “Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine”

Billie Joe Norah

Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman of Green Day, and Norah Jones are releasing a duet LP titled Foreverly on November 25. Foreverly is a tribute album for The Everly Brothers, and the songs they cover are songs from the group’s 1958 album, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us. The duo have revealed a single off the album, titled “Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine.” You can listen to their rendition of the track by taking a look below the jump.

If you think these two artists wouldn’t mesh well together, you’d be wrong. “Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine” has a classic folk sound, and Billie Joe and Norah’s voices have a little bit of twang to them. Whether you are a fan of The Everly Brothers, or just folk music in general, you will love this cover. If you do like what you hear, you can always pre-order a digital copy of the album by heading to iTunes.

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