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The Betrayer’s Judgement Debut New Music Video

The French metalcore act The Betrayer’s Judgment recently released a new music video for their song “Broken Mirrors,” which can be viewed at the bottom of this post, following the jump. The track comes from the group’s latest EP, Philosopher, which dropped this past August through Twin Peak Records. This most recent effort, which contains […]


Don Cheadle Set To Direct, Star In Miles Davis Film ‘Kill the Trumpet Player’

One of the most legendary musicians of the 20th century, Miles Davis has yet to be given the proper biopic treatment – but don’t let Don Cheadle hear you calling Kill the Trumpet Player a biopic. The massively influential jazz man and main proponent of the cool jazz movement – the reaction to the unfriendly, uptempo […]


Andy Kaufman’s Alleged Daughter Revealed To Be NYC Actress

Sometimes the best things in life really are too good to be true. Just hours after the world began losing their minds over the news iconic comedian Andy Kaufman may still be alive, the fine folks at The Smoking Gun have poked a few holes in the story of the woman who claims to be […]

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Ten Cool Things I Saw at ‘Fun Fun Fun Fest’

In a sea of festivals lacking a personal identity, Austin’s ‘Fun Fun Fun Fest’ is truly one in (seemingly) a million. Now in its 8th year, ‘FFF’ specializes in a unique blend of metal and hardcore, indie rock and old-school hip-hop across three genre-themed musical stages, in addition to a comedy tent and skate ramp. […]

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The First Trailer For Darren Aronofsky’s Biblical Epic ‘Noah’ Has Arrived

Not too long ago we brought you a bootlegged promotional clip for Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming adaptation of the biblical tale of Noah, the man who built an ark that held two of every animal and saved humanity from a massive flood thousands of years ago. The response was huge, and now the first official trailer […]

Impending Doom

UTG INTERVIEW: Impending Doom

With every year, there are always a plethora of albums which surprise fans due to how much of a change it is from their previous work. Whether people see it as a good change or a bad change, it’s still a change worth talking about, and that’s exactly the case with Impending Doom and their […]


Lex Luthor To Be In ‘Batman vs. Superman’

Alright, here we go. It seems that at a recent fan event for Man of Steel, director Zack Snyder slickly confirmed that Batman vs. Superman will star Lex Luthor, one of Superman’s greatest enemies. There have been plenty of rumors flying around that actors were being sought out to play the role, though this is […]

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Keyser Soze are keeping reggae/dub alive and well in The Biggest Little City in the World. They released The Remedy earlier in 2013 in their 15th year as a band, and they show no signs of slowing anytime soon as they have plenty of plans for the future, even with a slew of contrasting side […]


States Announce Sophomore Album

States announced yesterday that they will be releasing their sophomore full-length on December 3. The album will be titled Paradigm, and you can check out the artwork and track listing after the break. Paradigm was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. Even if you’re not familiar with States’ 2011 record, Room To […]


Holy Sh!t: Comedy Icon Andy Kaufman May Still Be Alive

This is without a doubt the strangest story you will hear all week. I’ll try to keep it brief, but just know there is a lot of ground that needs to be covered if you ever hope to understand the living embodiment of comedy madness that was (or is) Andy Kaufman. As far as most […]

Norine Braun

REVIEW: Norine Braun – ‘Conventus The Eye of the Heart’

Artist: Norine Braun Album: Conventus The Eye of the Heart Genre: Alternative, Blues From the opening minutes of Conventus The Eye of the Heart, two things become clear. One: Norine Braun has soul and knows how to put in into music. Two: she also knows how to wisely choose her backing musicians to best represent […]

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Pusha T Releases “Hold On” Video Featuring Rick Ross

If you picked up Pusha T‘s new album, My Name Is My Name, then you’re probably familiar with the song included in this post. If you haven’t, then prepare to hear what just might be the greatest rap collaboration of 2013. “Hold On” is the latest single off Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name […]