Pusha T Releases “Hold On” Video Featuring Rick Ross

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If you picked up Pusha T‘s new album, My Name Is My Name, then you’re probably familiar with the song included in this post. If you haven’t, then prepare to hear what just might be the greatest rap collaboration of 2013.

“Hold On” is the latest single off Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name to be given the video treatment. The track pairs the angsty half of Clipse with Maybach Music Group mastermind Rick Ross for a series of verses about overcoming whatever struggles you face in life. It’s still ripe with the signature ego-rap both emcees have made their millions on, but underneath the name brands and luxurious lifestyle lies an honest attempt at reaching people others have looked over. The video continues this message by showing both emcees performing/addressing a room full of men who all seem to have the weight of the world on their shoulders, but it still finds time to show off their wealth as well. You can view the clip below.

In my opinion, “Hold On” is one of the greatest songs ever delivered by Pusha T, who in his own way has become a legend in the rap game. He built a brand on talk of drug dealing, but here he leaves that life behind in search of something better. Not many rappers evolve as their careers continue, but Pusha T never stays the same for too long. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the video.

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  • Brian Lion

    The fact that it starts with 26 seconds of autotuned nonsense is an immediate turn off. Beyond that, Ross and T pair well but this song is pretty boring at best.