Sonny Moore Will Not Be Reuniting With From First To Last


We all figured that Sonny Moore (better known as Skrillex nowadays) would most likely not be joining From First To Last as he hasn’t said a single word about the reunion, nor did he participate in any of the teasers leading up to today’s announcement. Matt Good took some time to sit with Alternative Press, and made it pretty clear that the band is continuing as they were before their hiatus, which was without Moore. He did mention, however, that he wanted to do a collab with the EDM artist, and reached out in hopes of working something out. He has no confirmation if Moore will join in the fun though.

You can read a snippet of the interview with Good by checking below the jump. You can read the entire interview by heading here.

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When exactly did you decide that you wanted to make FFTL music again? Walk me through the process of putting the band back together.

I’m working with this band right now, and they’re huge fans of Ross Robinson. I showed them these videos we made with Ross when we were in the studio recording Heroine. I hadn’t seen them in years, and when I watched them, I started getting that reminiscent, emotional thing going on. [Laughs.] I got a little watery-eyed, and I was like, “Man, that was a really cool experience.” To this day, [recording Heroine with Robinson] was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done, and when I saw it, it just brought back all of these feelings—like, super-hard. So, I started thinking about that, and it kind of didn’t leave me. I was just hanging out, my iTunes was on shuffle, and one of the songs from Heroine came on. I saw some people online talking about FFTL, and I was talking to Travis. I was just like, “Man, I think I wanna do a new EP.” And he was like, “Yeah! I think that’s a great idea!” [Laughs.] That’s kind of how it started. Then I talked to Matt Manning, and he was like, “Yeah, we should do that!” And then I talked to Derek [Bloom], and he was like, “Yeah dude, I’m down.” That’s like the basic member lineup right now. I have reached out to Sonny; I actually hit him up this morning, so we’ll see what happens. Obviously there’s all this debate about the band with Sonny and the band without Sonny, and it’s really unfortunate because it kind of pulls fans away from what the music’s all about. We all loved having Sonny in the band, and he was an awesome singer. If he would do a song with us on the EP, it would be absolutely awesome, and it would make a ton of people happy. But if he doesn’t, I still want to make a great record and show people that we’re a band, and we just like making music.

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