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inanimate existence

Inanimate Existence Stream “The Rune of Destruction (Rough Mix)”

Apart from a few acts that killed it this year, 2013 was relatively boring and uneventful in the death metal realm, but California comes through yet again with another brutal band of talented musicians in Inanimate Existence. The Santa Cruz-based outfit just released a rough, pre-production cut of “The Rune of Destruction,” which will be […]

The Xmas EP

Never Shout Never Premiere “Meet Me Under The Mistletoe” Feat. Dia Frampton

Never Shout Never will be releasing a holiday themed EP titled The Xmas EP. The EP is set to hit stores November 25, and will feature three classic songs, as well as one original. The group have partnered up with Idolator to stream the original track, titled “Meet Me Under The Mistletoe.” The song features […]


Mastodon Unleash “Black Tongue” Beer

Heavy metal band Mastodon has curated their own beer with the help of the UK’s Signature Brew. Appropriately named after their song “Black Tongue,” the brew is an 8.3% double black IPA. The band pulled out all the stops in creating what they describe as a “pallet crusher,” but fans of the band might prefer […]


Fool’s Gold To Celebrate Six Years With Brooklyn Blowout

Back that ass up. The team at Fool’s Gold are ready to party. A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs have worked endlessly to grow Fool’s Gold Records into what it is today. To commemorate six years as a label, Fool’s Gold will be throwing a bash at SRB Brooklyn next Friday, November 22. It will feature performances […]

Riff Raff

Riff Raff Posts “Left With A Biscuit Came Back With A Chicken” Video

Why they mad? Well, RiFF RaFF, it’s probably because you’re fresh like that or because you dress like that. Maybe it’s because you’re “always on deck” like that or because you’re sippin’ Goose with the top down in Shreveport, LA. There are multiple reasons to be mad at Riff Raff, most of them are fairly […]

Chris Martin

LISTEN: Hostage Calm’s Chris Martin On ‘The End Of Silence’ Podcast

Please remain calm, this podcast goes into some serious detail. Hostage Calm offer their listeners an excess of harmonious acoustically driven anthems, but have you ever had a conversation with vocalist Chris Martin? I’ve interviewed him in the past and I didn’t want to end the conversation. The End Of Silence podcast just posted an […]


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Charlie Countryman’

Film: Charlie Countryman Starring: Shia LaBeouf Directed by: Fredrik Bond Losing a parent is one of the hardest things any individual can go through in life, and the way they choose to cope with that experience can change the entire course of their existence. Charlie Countryman, the directorial debut from Fredrik Bond, tells the story […]


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

Film: Dallas Buyers Club Directed by: Jean-Marc Vallee Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, Jennifer Garner There are usually a handful of films every Oscar season I can only describe as “workmanlike.” These films don’t attempt to push any stylistic boundaries or create any controversial headlines — they merely aim to tell a fascinating story, and […]


Rihanna Releases “What Now” Video

After spending the majority of 2013 making headlines for her outrageous public persona, Rihanna is back in our headlines this morning and attempting to sell us on her softer side through the official video for “What Now.” The power-ballad off Rihanna’s most recent album, “What Now” attempts to tow the line between heartfelt tale of […]


UTG PREMIERE: American Haiku – ‘e.p.’

There are plenty of phenomenal releases from bands new to the music scene that slip through the cracks unnoticed, so UTG has decided to do music lovers a favor by exclusively premiering the stream of American Haiku‘s debut record, e.p.  Hailing from Denver, Colorado, the screamo/emo outfit came together in a rather unassuming fashion after […]


‘Mission: Impossible 5’ Set For Christmas 2015 Release, Recruits ‘Jack Reacher’ Director

Ethan Hunt does not fear the excitement people have for Star Wars. Paramount Pictures has set a December 25, 2015 stateside release date for Mission: Impossible 5. The film, which will find Tom Cruise saving the world for a fifth consecutive time, does not currently have release dates set overseas. Christopher McQuarrie, who worked with […]

ron littlejohn

UTG INTERVIEW: Ron Littlejohn & The Funk Embassy

After already impressive careers gaining achievements such as opening for James Brown and The Roots individually, Thierry Matrat and Ron Littlejohn came together with a similar mission: to provide the masses with much-needed funk and soul. With a brand new album out as of last month, the two took some time to speak with UTG […]