A “Semi-Retired” Batman “Controlling Drones From The Batcave” In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’


The coming weeks and months are going to prove very informative when it comes to the upcoming DC/Warner Bros. film, Batman vs. Superman. For now at least, we have something to ease the wait, and this time around it is actually really intriguing.

Daniel Alter, a producer from Warner Bros. and Relativity Media, has an interesting tweet for us fans. Reading that he cannot wait to see a “semi-retired/not speaking to Robin” Batman, who is “controlling drones from the batcave,” it seems that Warner Bros. wasn’t kidding when they said that we were getting a seasoned and weary Batman.

This could find itself being a really refreshing take on the caped crusader. With origin stories seeming to screen every few months, it will be a nice break to find Batman well into his career. Explored a little in The Dark Knight Rises, there is plenty of Batman canon that deals with his life after hanging the cape. The truth is we know Batman’s origins. Plagued by the horror of his mother and father’s death, a young Bruce Wayne is haunted by his inability to face his fears. Finding that outlet in the cowl, he takes to the streets of Gotham, fairly well known stuff here. But, the most important aspect of Batman writing, is exploring how Batman faces the foes and trials in his life. How does he become the perfect knight? How does Bruce Wayne handle a life of vigilantism? And what reward does a life in the cowl truly yield? Believe it or not, one of the most rewarding aspects of these questions pertaining to Wayne are highlighted in the animated series, Batman Beyond. And hopefully some of these questions will arise in the upcoming film.

That aside, what is up with this drone business? Attempting to deduce this “semi-retired” statement, what can we infer about this surveillance side of the Batman? It has been said that the events surrounding the third act of Man of Steel, and the destruction that followed would be a major plot point for the film, and let us not forget it is titled Batman vs. Superman. Will Clark’s actions and unveiling lead for Bruce to fully immerse himself back into the cowl? But more importantly, and something I hope the film answers, was Clark not the least bit interested in a man running around in a batsuit in Gotham City? Spending the entirety of the film searching for a sense of self, wouldn’t something like Batman spark an interest? If Batman is well into his career, why was there no mention of him in the Man of Steel?. Easy now, I get that production wasn’t gold for the sequel during filming of the first one, and the cross film connectivity probably wasn’t on everyone’s minds, but I only wish to highlight questions that the film will need to answer to avoid the convoluted canon that the X-Men films have created (though I am no less excited for Days of Future Past because of it). What do you think? What does a Batman fixed in solitude mean to you?

Stay close to UTG for more Batman vs. Superman related news, for trust me, there will be more.

Drew Caruso

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