Foster The People’s Next Record “Not What People Will Expect”


In 2011, Foster The People broke onto the scene with the single “Pumped Up Kicks,” but since then, the band has had a nearly non-existent presence. Frontman Mark Foster spent this time in the studio working on the band’s next album (due out early next year) and scoring his first feature film, entitled Little Boy. But, according to Foster, the film score didn’t have any influence on the new album, saying, “They live in different worlds.”

So what can listeners expect from Foster The People’s second release?

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Foster said that the band’s upcoming record isn’t going to follow the same pattern as 2011’s Torches. “It’ll be interesting. It’s not the record that people are gonna expect us to release second. It’s definitely an evolution for us, and it’s a more polarizing record for us, so I’m excited to see how it’s received, for better or worse,” Foster said.

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