Jimmy Eat World Bassist To Open Microdistillery

Rick Burch, Jimmy Eat World

In the coming months, Rick Burch, bassist of the world-renowned emo quartet Jimmy Eat World, will be teaming up with his long-time chums John Miller and Jeff Barlow to open a microdistillery in the band’s home state of Arizona. You can view a personal message from the creators at the bottom of this post, following the jump.

Dubbed CaskWerks Distilling Co., the trio will aim to “bring a fresh, local perspective to a very old and established industry,” and according to Burch, will begin by brewing a “beautiful apple pie liqueur,” “a crisp, citrus-forward Gin, and a velvety-soft American Wheat Whiskey.” It will likely operate out of Tempe, Arizona, a stone’s throw from Jimmy Eat World’s hometown of Mesa.

This will be no small feat, however. Aside from housing expensive brewing equipment, the construction of a distillery alone can prove very complex and costly in itself. As such, Burch and his associates have set up a FundAnything campaign to get the project off the ground. If you feel that this particular endeavor is worth your time, I suggest you check it out and make a donation.

Additionally, if you’re curious about Burch’s day job, you can stream Jimmy Eat World’s latest effort, Damage, here.


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