Broken Bells Release “Part Two: Holding On For Life” Video From ‘After The Disco’


Forward-thinking duo Broken Bells is well into the promotional roll-out for sophomore effort After The Disco. The duo, made up of Shin’s frontman James Mercer and the ever-industrious producer Danger Mouse, has announced tour dates, premiered After The Disco’sPart One: The Angel,” and released the track for which this new chapter is named.

In this latest segment from the short film accompanying the album it shares a name with, we’re given more questions than we are answers. Our musical guides through this cosmic landscape appear, admitting stars Anton Yelchin and Kate Mara into a groovy space party on the prickly pink orb of a rocket ship. There we discover that Kate Mara’s helmet from the prologue is meant less for breathing clean air and more for recreational drug use. We make no judgments here.

Then we’re treated to the whole “girl likes boy, walks in on boy being kissed by other girl, girl storms off heartbroken” bit, followed by another classic story trope, the “oh hey, these young ravers are actually old people!” gag.

Actually…what’s happening here? Is Kate Mara magic? Is Kevin Spacey involved in this bit of cross-generational romance too? Is this some Lynchian time wackiness, something from Danger Mouse when he made Dark Night of the Soul with Lynch and Mark Linkous?

Alas, answers will have to wait until we are closer to After The Disco‘s January 14 release date. In the meantime, these Jacob Gentry-directed clips are awfully pretty, especially when put to a Broken Bells soundtrack. The album is available for preorder on Amazon and iTunes.

Tyler Hanan

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