Bomb The Music Industry! Announce Last Show


On November 20 the on-and-off-again band, Bomb The Music Industry! (BtMI!), announced their last show will take place on January 19, 2014 with Cheap Girls at Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY.

An hour after tickets went on sale (noon EST today), the show was sold out.

BtMI! have been threatening the end for some time now, especially after the core contributors’ former band, The Arrogant Sons of Bitches, had their last show in 2012. In their announcement the band commented, “over the past eight years this band has taken us to three continents, countless houses, basements, bars, venues, a few backyards, a lot of tasty restaurants and introduced us to most of our best friends in the world.”

The DIY punk band and friends have all of their music up for donation-based grabs at Quote Unquote Records.

Leanne Cushing

Leanne started writing for Under the Gun in late 2012. She is a music lover and standup comedian. If you're local to Boston, you can usually find her at some indie/punk show, or performing her comedy live at a variety of local venues.

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