Watch the Trailer for Lana Del Rey’s Short Film ‘Tropico’


After a lot of (typical) teasing, Lana Del Rey‘s Tropico is almost here. The pouty-lipped singer has just shared a trailer for the short film, due out December 5 via Vevo. Watch the trailer after the jump.

Clocking in at half an hour, Tropico stars Del Rey as a stripper named Eve. Get ready for lots of gunfire, snakes, and double the bubblegum blowing you’re used to. It was co-produced by Rick Rubin and co-stars model Shaun Ross.

If you’re questioning Lana Del Rey’s interest in movies, be prepared for some other shocking news. As FACT reported, it turns out she and rapper Mac Miller both contributed $10,000 each to the Kickstarter for Hi, How Are You?, a short film about iconic indie folk singer Daniel Johnston. That makes both of them executive producers. Yeah, hard to believe.

Watch a trailer for Tropico below:

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