Brand New Change Will Call Policy To Combat Ticket Scalpers


Brand New is truly an act that needs no introduction. With each new release the Long Island natives have explored uncharted waters with consistent success, and over the past decade built a savagely devoted fan base around the globe.

So, when the group recently announced that they will be performing their entire discography on four special tour dates this December, AND are working on new material, people kind of lost it. Within hours, the masses had taken to the interwebs in an effort to score tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime set of performances.

Unfortunately, not long after, reports began circulating regarding counterfeit tickets, made by scalpers in an effort to gain a quick buck. Hoping to combat such jerks, earlier today Brand New made some changes to their will call policy for individuals who have purchased their tickets via Front Gate. You can view these alterations for yourself following the jump.

This will likely be the first of many changes the band will make regarding ticket sales, so be sure to check back as more details develop.

“As part of Brand New’s effort to discourage scalping, keep tickets affordable and in the hands of the true fans, there is a strict 2-ticket limit per person. Mulitple purchases are forbidden and violation of this policy will result in the buyer forfeiting ALL purchased tickets. All tickets will be WILL CALL ONLY and name changes will NOT be permitted. If you are not able to attend the show, you must email us by 9AM EST on Tuesday, December 3rd to cancel your order.

When arriving at the venue, simply show the credit card you used for purchase along with your photo ID. When you receive your tickets, you must immediately enter the venue. No exit or re-entry from the venue is permitted. If you ave purchased 2 tickets, you will need to have your guest present when entering the venue. NO exceptions. Thank you for your cooperation. We’re looking forward to a great show! “

Kyle Florence

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