Allison Weiss Premieres New Music Video


“He’s going to film you listening to a song,” says an offscreen voice at the beginning of Allison Weiss‘s new video for “Wait For Me.” It’s such a simple concept for a music video that I can’t believe I’ve never seen it used before, and there is a lot of power in the simplicity of capturing one person’s listening experience. The narrative of the subject, a mother and photographer named Josee, is told through subtitles, and it’s easy to connect her story to the lyrics of Weiss’s aching ballad. You can see the video after the break.

The recording of “Wait For Me” used in the video is from Weiss’s 2013 full-length, Say What You Mean, and an alternate version appears on Say What You Mean: Sideways Sessions, which is out today. Order both from No Sleep Records, and read our review of Sideways Sessions here.

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