STREAM: Hammock – ‘Oblivion Hymns’


Straight from the ambient world of another planet us humans can only experience via their music, Nashville duo Hammock is back with a new album, Oblivion Hymns, and it’s as beautiful as ever.

2004 saw Hammock–Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson, both guitarists–becoming one of the most important modern masts in ambient post-rock. Oblivion Hymns is their sixth album and it holds up to their past work. From slow violin parts to gentle children choruses, the album title is certainly deserved and only a small nod to the overall breadth this captures. Sit back, turn off the lights, and listen to the extremely atmospheric and patient sound of their new work. Reflection and introspection will come to you naturally.

Oblivion Hymns is out now on Hammock’s own label, Hammock Music. Stream the album in full below:

Oblivion Hymns tracklist:
1. My Mind Was A Fog… My Heart Became A Bomb
2. Then The Quiet Explosion
3. Turning Into Tiny Particles… Floating Through Empty Space
4. Like A Valley With No Echo
5. Holding Your Absence
6. Shored Against The Ruins… Drowning In Ten Directions
7. I Could Hear The Water At The Edge Of All Things
8. In The Middle Of This Nowhere
9. Hope Becomes A Loss
10. ‘Tres Dominé

Bonus tracks:
11. Sleep
12. Cathedral

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