Bizarre Proof Of Concept Trailer for Sci-Fi Leaning ‘Zorro Reborn’ Finds Its Way Online

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Update: The video has been taken down by request of the producers.

This is one of those articles where the video included is likely to disappear in a matter of days. If the video in this post is currently unavailable or otherwise not operational, please comment and let us know.

20th Century Fox has been developing a project titled Zorro Reborn for the better part of the last two years, but until today there has been very little information made available about the progress of their efforts. Now, thanks to ShowBizCafe, a never-before-seen ‘proof of concept’ trailer for the series has found its way online (much to the dismay of Fox, from what we can tell). It’s got horses and spaceships and even a futuristic whip. Let’s discuss, shall we?


Filmed in Africa sometime in 2012, the footage you’re about to see was directed by Ricardo de Montreuil. The voiceover is provided by Jon Voigt and the actor portraying Zorro is none other than Jason Day. Central, the team behind the film Elysium, is rumored to been credited for the FX.

As far as story is concerned, this pitch for Zorro Reborn finds a common man taking on the guise of the masked do-gooder in a futuristic time where everyday people are unethically controlled by evil forces. Bad guys claim he’s just a man, but a series of action sequences begs the viewer to believe he is more than simply flesh and bone. You can view the footage at the end of this post.

We’ve been waiting for 20th Century Fox to comment on the leak of this footage, but so far it seems everyone involved is keeping tight-lipped on whether or not the project will eventually see the light of day. Multiple sites are reporting Zorro Reborn to not have a green light, so there is a decent chance this is the only look at the potential rebirth of Zorro that may ever be available. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the material.

Never-Before-Seen ‘Zorro Reborn’ Sci-Fi Reboot Trailer! from Jack Rico on Vimeo.

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