Childish Gambino Debuts “Telegraph Ave”


Keeping fans on their toes with his promotional release schedule, Childish Gambino found time amidst his holiday activities to bless the internet with a new track titled “Telegraph Ave.”

The fourth track to surface off December’s Because The Internet, “Telegraph Ave” finds Childish Gambino continuing to build anticipation for his new album with another midtempo track that straddles the line between pop and rap. There is a sense of sadness prevalent in a lot of Gambino’s music as of late, but there is an ego-driven back half to this track that is bound to turn heads and stop haters in their footsteps. You can stream the single and hear for yourself what I’m describing at the end of this post.

If there was ever any doubt whether or not Childish Gambino was prepping something special with Because The Internet those worries should now be squashed. Each song to be released thus far has been better than the last, and the layers of emotion riddled through each verse is so complex it requires multiples listens to fully appreciate (even though it’s mostly catchy the first time through). We’re over the moon with excitement for Because The Internet, are you? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

James Shotwell

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