Free MP3: Grizzly Bear – “Will Calls” (Diplo Remix)


Thanksgiving break is winding down, but that doesn’t mean the good times have to come to an end. Just as hope for another evening of fun has begun to fade, Grizzly Bear have surprised the internet with a free remix of one of their biggest fan favorites.

There is no need to introduce Diplo, but seeing him pair with some of indie pop’s finest is a rare treat no music fan should take for granted. Here he’s taken Grizzly Bear’s “Will Calls” and transformed it into an atmospheric jam that builds into a joyous eruption of good vibes and glitchy synth. You can stream and download the track below.

We have been secretly working on an EDM-themed mixtape to help set the mood during the holiday party season. This track won’t make the cut, but it should give you a decent idea of the mood we’re hoping to set. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the single.

James Shotwell

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