3/4 of Quiet Out Loud Quit Band


It’s not every morning you wake up to learn a band you featured less than three months prior essentially imploded while you were asleep.

Three of the four members comprising Chicago pop rock outfit Quiet Out Loud have reportedly quit the band following ongoing friction between themselves and vocalist Nick Forbes. You can read a full explanation from now former member Matt Lillie on Tumblr, including screenshots of a conversation between himself and Nick, but for those looking for something a bit simpler, we’ve highlighted a key section below:

Now I just need to shed some light on some rumors that have been being spread around by my now ex band mate Nick Forbes…

He is stating that the band was just a solo project with “live members”… This is simply not true. We were very much a band. Nick, Kyle, Joe, and myself were Quiet Out Loud. We did have a rotating live bassist for most shows tho. If this was a solo project it would just be him mentioned on the back of our EP/in photos/interviews/and on contract signings. Also he wouldn’t fly out to Chicago from Boston for “live members”. Logic.

Nick is stating that no one else has written anything in the band other than himself…. ALSO untrue. The writing process for our music were all cowrites with myself, Nick, Steve Aliperta, and Tom DeGrazia. (Check image below for an email stating about one of our songs stating the writers)

Nick is stating that he didn’t quit… Untrue once again. (Below is a screen capture of Nick stating that QOL was done)
Finally to the reason why I am walking away… Nick Forbes is one of the most immature, hot headed, egotistical, greedy people I’ve ever done music with. The reason why we never got to go on tour and see more of you beautiful people is because Nick refused unless HE PERSONALLY was making 1,800$ a month and touring with like All Time Low or Mayday Parade. Which is unrealistic for a new band….

As far as we know Nick Forbes has yet to respond to the above allegations, but we will bring you an update as additional information becomes available. We wish all the members the best in their future endeavors.

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