Lana Del Rey Announces New Album ‘Ultraviolence’


2013 has been littered with leaks of new unreleased music from Lana Del Rey, but as far as press releases and official announcements go she has remained rather tight lipped about plans for a new album throughout the year. While speaking last night at the Los Angeles premiere of her new short film, Tropico, the vocalist finally broke her silence.

Speaking to a packed theater of press and diehard fans, a grateful Del Rey said “I really just wanted us all to be together so I could close the chapter before I release my new album, Ultraviolence.”

No further information was provided.

We have posted a number of Del Rey leaks over the year, but as these types of things tend to go, a number of those streams are now unavailable. If you look on Youtube however, you may find some of the material we’re referencing. There are no guarantees those songs will make Lana’s new album, but they may offer some clues as to where she’s planning to take her unique sound.

As for Tropico, fans not able to make the premiere will be delighted to know the film is scheduled for digital release early today, December 5. We are keeping an eye for streams, so expect another post covering the release of that effort later today.

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