As Tall As Lions’s Farewell DVD Will be Out By Christmas


Remember that great indie rock band from Long Island that never seemed to be fully appreciated, even though their music really is a work of art? Yes, As Tall As Lions have some news for you, but it isn’t the reunion you want it to be.

In September of 2010, As Tall As Lions announced, much to fans’ disappointment, that they would be splitting up to pursue other projects. Earlier today, the band logged back in to their Facebook page to say that their Farewell DVD will be completed in time for Christmas. “It’s a long time coming,” they wrote. “Making final edits and choosing bonus footage today.”

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  • Brian Lion

    One of those bands I’m so happy to have seen live before they split. They played a surprise show with RXB at Chico State, literally about 1,000 yards behind my apartment back in 2009. They were so so good live, even though I wasn’t a huge fan of You Can’t Take It With You, their set was perfect. Also some of the nicest guys I ever met.