LISTEN: Cynic – “The Lion’s Roar”


Cynic are best known for the dark, atmospheric music that was found on Focus in 1993 and their triumphant follow-up, Traced In Air, in 2008, but it appears the group are headed down a much different path with their next effort. “The Lion’s Roar” is the first taste of their forthcoming record, Kindly Bent to Free Us, and it is arguably the least aggressive song the group have released over the span of their existence. That is not to say it isn’t recognizably Cynic as the quintessential vocoder-vocals and instrumental prowess are still present, but it carries a surprisingly warm tone that their music has never approached.

Follow the jump to hear “The Lion’s Roar” for yourself, and if you dig the new direction Cynic are taking, be sure to look out for Kindly Bent to Free Us when it hits North American stores February 18, 2014, via Season of Mist Records.

Mike Giegerich

Mike Giegerich is a freelance journalist with an affinity for the hip-hop scene. His top-five favorite records of all time are Future's last five releases. Feel free to blow up his mentions on Twitter.
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  • Brian Lion

    Not considering the material on ‘Re-traced.’