Max Bemis Details New Comic Book Series ‘Evil Empire’

Max Bemis

We don’t plan to cover comics any more in 2014 than we did in 2013, but with titles like this we may change our minds…

After releasing his comic book mini-series Polarity to acclaim back in April, Say Anything frontman will be returning to the comic book world with Evil Empire on March 5, 2014. The sixteen-issue series follows a rapper named Reese as she overcomes an “Evil Empire” that is growing in power. Max gave in-depth details on the concept and characters, as well as his motivation and influences in a lengthy interview over at Comic Book Resources.

On his legacy as a comic book writer, Max told CBR:

I’d like to think that after a few more books, or after “Evil Empire,” people will be able to associate me with good comics. That’s my goal. I’d love to. I’m a geek. I love the people at Marvel. Everyone I’ve met at DC is cool, too. I definitely am interested in writing those characters more than anything. It’s less so about wanting to be some big name, recognized writer and more so about dipping my toe in the continuity of this myth that’s been going on for almost a hundred years.

Make the jump to check out some official artwork from Evil Empire.

max bemis evil empire

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