R Kelly Releasing A “Love Making” Christmas Album Next Year

R Kelly

Only someone brazen enough to sell an album titled Black Panties would come up with the idea to make a “love making” themed Christmas album. Well, R Kelly is that person, and has announced that he’s working on a Christmas album that focuses on love making. The album will be titled 12 Days Of Christmas, and is expected to be released next holiday season. According to him, he actually has a number of albums in the works, but this is his main focus at the moment. You can read the brief interview where he announces his Christmas album by taking a look below the jump.

If you’re a fan of R Kelly and somehow missed the release of his latest album, Black Panties, then you can pick up a digital copy for it on iTunes. If you want the black panties that comes with it though, you’ll have to buy a physical copy.

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