‘House of Cards’ Releases Season 2 Trailer, Unsurprisingly Looks Incredible


If you had a pulse in 2013, you probably either watched the hit Netflix original show House of Cards, or at least had someone talk your ear off about how great it was. We for one at UTG believe it’s worth the unbelievable amounts of hype, and today, we’re very excited to share with you the trailer for season 2 of the breakout series.

We won’t ruin the fun of the trailer, but season 2 will look into the fallout of the end of season 1, so we wouldn’t suggest watching it unless you’ve already seen season 1. All that being said, the trailer leads us to believe that House of Cards will continue the intensity season 1 had to offer us, while also giving us a solid reminder that Underwood’s charm hasn’t gone away, but has in fact, heightened.

House of Cards season 2 releases in its entirety on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2014. Get ready, because binge watching is imminent.

Click through the break to check out the trailer, and revel in the follow up to one of the best series of 2013. 

Tyler Osborne

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