Sony Announces ‘Spider-Man’ Spin-Offs Based Around Venom and Sinister Six


In an oddly late announcement last night, Sony Pictures announced that two Spider-Man villain spin-offs are currently in development. One of these two spin-offs is based around one of Spider-Man’s most recognizable villains, Venom. A Venom film has been talked about for a while now, but the biggest surprise out of this is that the Sony Pictures team is building a movie solely based around the villain team-up, the Sinister Six. The Sinister Six has gone through a bunch of different members over the years, but the original included Vulture, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, and Sandman. With a teaser of the Sinister Six in the most recent Spider-Man trailer, we’ll probably get to see Green Goblin somewhere in the mix as well, which isn’t surprising considering he was a member of the Six in later comics.

However, the most exciting news around all of this is the group of creatives teaming up to make all of this happen. For the Venom spin-off, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (writers of The Amazing Spider-Man 2), are set to write, with Kurtzman in line to also direct. The Sinister Six spin-off on the other hand, will feature the writing talents of Drew Godard (Cabin in the Woods, as well as writer and director of Marvel’s upcoming Netflix-based Daredevil series). It’s possible (and honestly probable) that Goddard will direct this as well, but there is no official confirmation. Jeff Pinkner (Fringe) and Ed Solomon (Now You See Me) will also be working with this entire team (which also includes Spider-Man director Marc Webb) to help develop the extended Spider-Man universe.

The UTG staff is really excited to follow the development of these films, and we think it will be very interesting to see how they craft these films for audiences around the world. Obviously there is a lot that could go wrong with films such as these, but we for one are completely behind getting more villainous films set in the superhero universe.

Check below to see a statement from producers Avid Arad and Matt Tolmach about the Venom and Sinister Six films, as well as the trailer for the new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film. Also, let us know in the comments what you think!

This collaboration was born out the great experience we and Marc had working with Alex, Bob and Jeff on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2. With more than fifty years’ wealth of stories in the comic books to draw upon for inspiration, the Spider-Man universe is truly boundless; in addition, the Spider-Man comics have the greatest rogues gallery of any series, and to have the chance to explore that on film is truly thrilling. That is what Alex, Bob, Jeff, Ed and Drew will do in this unprecedented collaboration, and we’re excited about the directions they are taking the character and the world.


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