Take A Look At Wolverine’s Suit From ‘Days of Future Past’

X-Men "Days of Future Past" poster -- exclusive EW.com image

A newly released image from Studio Ciné Live’s upcoming magazine cover showcases Wolverine’s sweet costume from the upcoming, highly anticipated, X-Men Film, Days of Future Past.

Though I am still trying to get over the news from last week that another new X-Men film based off of the villain Apocalypse is in the works, let us take a gander at Wolverine’s sweet new digs.

From what I can see from the awesome debut trailer, most of the suits worn are very sleek and armor looking. Wolverine’s new one is no different, though of course Hugh Jackman looks like a total bad-ass in it. It even looks like chain-mail at first glance, making Wolverine all the more intimidating.

I can’t wait for this film! I’m going to watch the trailer yet again, then continue to stare at this new image. Follow us after the jump to take a gander.

“We need you to hope again.”


Drew Caruso

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  • Brian Lion

    Looks like foam and spandex to me…