Depp Speaks in ‘Transcendence’ Teaser Trailer


If the teaser released earlier this week for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar wasn’t vague enough for you, Transcendence is here to up the ante.

The film is the directorial debut from longtime Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister and stars Johnny Depp as a scientist who becomes the target of an anti-technology organization as he and his colleagues work to create computers that transcend the abilities of the human brain. Paul Bettany and Kate Mara co-star alongside Depp, while Phister has brought along fellow Nolan collaborators Cillian Murphy, Rebecca Hall and Morgan Freeman to round out the cast.

Given the film’s April 18, 2014 release date, I’m honestly surprised we haven’t seen more from the film by now. I’d imagine a more extensive trailer will be released before long, but for now you check out the teaser after the jump.

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