Lil B Releases 101-Song Mixtape for Free

Lil B 05 Fuck Em

It looks like Beyonce wasn’t the only one in the giving spirit this holiday. Similarly to the diva — but also much more ambitiously — Lil B gave fans a surprise release with a ton of material: a free 101-song mixtape shared late at night on Christmas Eve.

The 24-year-old rapper excitedly took to Twitter to announce the release of all 101 songs (which is enough to be a six disc set), saying, “JUST GOT WORD FROM BASEDWORLD STUDIOS AND LIL B!! LIL B IS DROPPING ’05 F— EM’ MIXTAPE TONIGHT 101 BRAND NEW SONGS 6 DISC MISTAPE! – Lil B.” Titled 05 Fuck Em, the mixtape includes everything from his usual raw spitting (not-so-modestly shown on “I Am The Rawest Rapper”) to a response to Kendrick’s “Control” verse (with the sneaky title “Control Response”). On the first listen through, “Im Gunna Be A Doctor” and “Hummus or Crack” are definite standouts as well.

Download it here and comment with your favorite tracks below.

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