Fearless Records Confirms ‘Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2,’ Tease Lit Cover

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The new year is upon us and the folks at Fearless Records are wasting no time getting us excited for the upcoming release calendar. A new video made its way online in the last day teasing every release the label has planned for the new year, including albums from The Word Alive and Breathe Carolina. The big reveal however, was the surprise release that awaited viewers in the clip’s final thirty seconds.

Following the holiday themed release of November 2013, the next Punk Goes… compilation will be 90s Vol. 2. The album is expected to surface in early 2014, but at this point no official release date has been confirmed. We also don’t have a track list just yet, but the clip does tease Get Scared’s rendition of the Lit classic, “My Own Worst Enemy.” We’ll bring you the full version when it becomes available.

You can view Fearless Records’ 2014 preview at the end of this post.

There have been a few entries in the Punk Goes… series we have outright hated, but as a child of the 90s myself it’s hard to deny the appeal of revisiting some of that era’s best tracks. Comment below and let us know which classic tracks you’d like to see covered on the new Punk Goes compilation.

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