Justin Bieber Hits On Everyone’s Daughter In “Hold Tight” Video


Anyone who has witnessed a male pop vocalist perform live knows there is always a moment in the show when the performer will invite a pretty lady on stage for a mini-serenade in front of the thousands who have gathered for the event. These moments are about as rare as a frontman saying “this is the best city we’ve been to on the entire tour,” but they make the individuals selected feel pretty damn special nonetheless. That is, until Justin Bieber compiles your special moment alongside the dozens of other young girls who thought they too shared a magical moment with Biebs sometime in 2013.

Island Def Jam has released a new video for the Justin Bieber single “Hold Tight.” The clip features a compilation of live footage from Bieber’s worldwide tour efforts over the last year, specifically highlighting moments in the show where Bieber engaged his female fans. As the song plays on with a tale of love on the rocks lyrically, viewers watch Justin – often without a shirt – croon and swoon a variety of beautiful young woman while others look on with jealous eyes. You can view the video at the end of this post.

As a guy well into my twenties I already take a lot of crap for supporting Justin Bieber’s new music, so you can imagine my lack of enthusiasm over the release of this video. That said, it’s rather amusing to watch the various reactions the girls have to Justin, and even funnier to think of how tightly clenched their father’s fists must be as he stands just feet away and watches a tattoo’d vocalist serenade his little girl.

Journals, the latest and potentially final release from Justin Bieber, is available now wherever music is sold.

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