Ke$ha Directs Her “Dirty Love” Video, Doesn’t Need Iggy Pop


Finally, we have a bit of good news from the Ke$ha camp. After some of her more interesting collaborative projects were unceremoniously torpedoed without explanation, it’s certainly nice to see the star having a bit of fun.

Ke$ha has released a video for “Dirty Love” off her latest album Warrior, one that she has directed herself. You may remember the original version featuring Iggy Pop making a few easy sex jokes. He’s been wholly omitted this time, leaving the formerly facepalm-worthy middle section feeling a bit empty. Ke$ha does her best to fill the empty space with comically torn clothes and glammed-up bearded men swinging their hips.

Kicked off with a home video footage and concluded with a fun bit of a PSA, what comes in between is much what you’d expect of a Ke$ha video. Dirty dancing, little clothing, bearded dudes in drag, and boatloads of glitter abound, It feels like a snapshot of what a Ke$ha concert would be, sans screaming crowds and giant disco balls full of condoms.

At least she cleans up her mess at the end. As Ke$ha says, “Death by glitter. hope u like it.”

Tyler Hanan

Tyler raves about movies on the Let The Right Films In podcast. Listen to him make jokes over his beleaguered cohost Kayla St. Onge and their more qualified guests who deserve so much better at Find him on Twitter @tylerhanan.
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