The 9 Must-See Films Of January 2014


January is usually a month reserved for the worst films of the year. No one really knows why this is, but it seems after the awards season dies down studios seem willing to release just about anything (as long as it does not cost that much to market). This year, however,there are a few more promising titles in January than in years past. Some are for fans of comedy, others action or horror, but no matter which you prefer we are confident there is something hitting theaters or VOD this month that will ‘wow’ you.

Must-See January 2014 Releases

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (Release Date: January 3)

The sinister demon that claimed Kristi and Katie in the previous Paranormal Activity movies is back in this spin-off/sequel to Paranormal Activity 4 and this time it has its sights set on Jesse, a young latino male from California. Will his loved ones be able to save him before the demon is fully in control?

Divorce Corp. (Release Date: January 8)

This Dr. Drew narrated documentary focuses on the evils and hardships that come with divorce. It exposes everything from the people who profit from divorce like lawyers and courthouse insiders to the toll divorce can take on families.

Raze (Release Date: January 8)

When a woman is kidnapped she discovers that she has been thrown into a secret society built around women fighting to the death. It is either kill or be killed in this action/horror film starring Zoe Bell and Rachel Nichols.

Lone Survivor (Wide Release Date: January 10)

Based on the New York Times best seller, this war film focuses on four Navy SEALs and their mission gone awry in Afghanistan that leaves them stranded and alone behind enemy lines. It stars Mark Wahlberg and is directed by Peter Berg.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Release Date: January 17)

Jack Ryan (based on the Tom Clancy character of the same name) is a young covert CIA analyst that uncovers a plot to take down the United States economy by a Russian terrorist group. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit stars Chris pine as the titular character and Kevin Costner as his CIA handler.

Ride Along (Release Date: January 17)

Kevin Hart stars in this comedy about a man trying to prove to his girlfriend’s brother (Ice Cube), a cop with a temper, that he is worthy of dating his sister. What starts as a simple ride along turns into an adventure that will take both of them on an action packed roller coaster that involves one of the biggest criminals in the city.

Devil’s Due (Release Date: January 17)

When a couple of young newlyweds find themselves dealing with an unexpected pregnancy they decide to document everything for posterity. Soon the husband notices that his wife’s behavior is becoming more erratic and may have a sinister origin: the child inside of her.

Big Bad Wolves (Release Date: January 17)

This Israeli thriller is about a man who murders children. a father out for revenge, and a vigilante detective determined to bring down a killer as they race towards each other in what is sure to be a violent conclusion. This is one foreign film that will make you think twice about complaining that you have to read subtitles.

That Awkward Moment (Release Date: January 31)

There is a point in every relationship where you stop and think “So…where is this going?” That Awkward Moment is an R-rated comedy that takes on that feeling (with hilarious and probably highly sexual results). It stars Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan as three best friends trying to figure out their relationships.

Written by: Justin Proper (Follow him on Twitter)

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