Hugh Jackman Says Wolverine Is At Home In The ’70s

X-Men "Days of Future Past" poster -- exclusive image

In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman says that the ’70s is the perfect place for Logan, as we find him there in the newest X-Men film, Days of Future Past.

We will find the primal mutant sent back in time to the era, with the hopes of warning the younger Mutants of a future that they can redirect.

On the specifics of the time period, and how it relates to Logan, Jackman says that “he’s a warrior and he can’t hide from that anymore, even if the consequences are going to be messy and painful. If there’s an era for Wolverine, it’s the ’70s. The hair, the mutton chops, you can smoke cigars everywhere…everything about Wolverine seems more at home in the ’70s.”

Also in the interview, director Bryan Singer reveals a line from the film he hopes makes it into the final cut. An exchange between Magneto and Wolverine, the two mutants poke fun at their warlike nature. Follow us after the jump to see what they have to say.

Further speaking with Empire, Singer says that “there’s a line that Fassbender says that may make it. He says to Wolverine, ‘You spend the next 50 years trying to bring me down?’ Wolverine says, ‘Pretty much.’ Magneto says, ‘How did that go for you…’”

Days of Future Past is Fox’s second biggest film to date, only behind Avatar. You can check it out in theaters May 23, 2014.

Drew Caruso

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