Juvenile And 2 Chainz Need To Know Where The “Booty” At On New Track


We have only been in 2014 for a few days, but already the hip-hop community is taking it upon themselves to use music to ask the questions that really matter. For instance, where da booty at?

Yes, after years of basement meetings and hushed phone conversations, Juvenile and 2 Chainz are taking mankind’s hunt for booty to the national stage with their new collaborative single fittingly-titled, “Booty.” Over the course of three verses these two rap icons divulge the truth behind one of the longest, most epic quests any one person can hope to undertake in their lifetime. From talk of girls with pancake asses and their inability to quote ‘back it up,’ to just what will happen when they finally feast their eyes upon that oh-so-sought-after holy grail, not a line goes by without some information about their quest for booty glory being shared with listeners. You can learn of their journey, as well as the trials and tribulations that have come their way as a result, by streaming “Booty” in full at the end of this post.

There was a time not long ago when booty was believed to be ‘rocking everywhere,’ but following the white girl twerking craze of 2013 booty seems to have gone the way of the once beloved dodo bird. Juvenile and 2 Chainz seem to believe there may still be a few patches of booty left around the globe, but until this track gets more exposure it’s far too early to know for sure. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates as the expedition continues.

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