‘Fast And Furious 7’ Will Retire Paul Walker’s Character


Dealing with the death of any leading star while moving forward with a major motion picture production is always difficult, but there is an added degree of sensitivity to matters when said stars dies in a way that could have fit into the films they were known for creating. Such is the case with Paul Walker and the still very much in production film known as Fast And Furious 7. After Walker’s death in late November (due to a fiery car crash), production on the highly-anticipated feature was put on immediate hold while studio execs and director James Wan figured out how, or even if they could move forward with the project. Now, according to a new report from THR, there seems to be some news about the production’s latest changes.

Chris Morgan is allegedly rewriting the script for Fast And Furious 7 so that Paul Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, can be retired from the series without being removed entirely from the film. This allows for Brian to exit the series without having to be killed.

It has been widely reported that Paul Walker was not finished shooting his scenes for the upcoming film at the time of his death. If Morgan’s new script update works as well as the studio (and Wan) hopes, they will be able to use most of the footage Walker shot to setup his character’s exit from the story. There have been rumors that Walker’s brother, a stunt man, may step into the role if additional sequences are needed, but at this time that story cannot be confirmed.

Fast And Furious 7 was recently moved to summer 2015, but I have a feeling news about the production will not be out of news feeds for very long. Follow UTG on Twitter and we guarantee you’ll never miss another movie headline.

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